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     Spray Away Cleaner is a new non-toxic germ, mold & mildew killing universal cleaner, stain remover, laundry detergent booster, fabric softener, wrinkle releaser, hand sanitizer and, deodorizer in one that was laboratory tested to be Superior over all of the most popular cleaners (Mr.Clean & Tilex), stain removers (Oxi Clean & Shout), laundry detergent boosters (Oxi Clean), window cleaners (Windex), floor cleaners (Wet Jet) and, deodorizers.
     Spray AwayCleaner will eliminate the worst germs (H1N1 Flu & Noro Viruses), stains (blood, coffee, red wine) and odors (3rd Hand Smoke (cigarette stench)) from carpeting, upholstery and all other types of surfaces, materials, colors and fabrics. Spray Away is great for Auto and Restaurant cleaning because it will dissolve break dust on wheel rims and dried on stuck on food on tile and stainless steel to make cleaning easy; then leaves the stainless steel, tile and, chrome looking polished. Spray Away kills mold and mildew without leaving harmful chemicals behind that will irriate the skin, making this a great cleaner to use on boats and boat seats as they are constantly being exposed to naked skin.
     In Concentrated form, Spray Away Cleaner will dissolve algae, tree and plant debris, mold, mildew, lichens and filth from roofing and siding without harmful chemicals. Then it will keep it looking clean with every rain because Spray Away Cleaner continues to clean with every rainfall after treatment on all surfaces including, patio cushions, furniture, decking, gas grills, patio masonry, pool decking, stone fireplaces and more. The uses for this product are endless.

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 Shipping Costs: USPS: Flat Rate Shipping

Medium Flat Rate Box: $12.65 (holds One Gallon and a 16 ounce bottle or, two 16 or 32 ounce bottles.

Large Flate Rate Box: $17.90 : One Gallon Concentrate must be shipped in this box because it comes with a free 32 ounce spray bottle with graduates on the sides for easy mixing and measuring.

Use this box for all large orders of a Gallon of concentrate or more. 

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Read the Spray Away Stress Blog to find out how Spray Away Cleaner can reduce your stress load and learn what stress does our bodies.

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